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Honeywell AquaReset™ Outdoor Reset

Honeywell's AquaReset takes an already-efficient Honeywell Electronic Aquastat® and uses reliable EnviraCOM™ communications, already built into most Honeywell combustion products, to link it to an outdoor temperature sensor to maximize energy savings. The boiler setpoint decreases automatically based on the outdoor temperature while still providing all the necessary heat to maintain the comfort level.
  • Installs quickly in three short steps to greatly reduce installation time
  • Opportunity to sell full system during service calls
  • Upsell the kit for boiler installations that already include an outdoor reset ready Aquastat
  • Outdoor reset ready Aquastats are easily identified in the field with an icon
  • May increase boiler efficiency up to 15%* - enough to pay for itself in less than two years
  • Built-in diagnostics help ensure proper system operation and efficiency
  • For homes where the boiler also handles domestic hot water (DHW), the Honeywell AquaReset will give DHW priority to ensure that all household needs are met**
    L7224R1000, W8735S1000, W8735S1008
*Honeywell Inc. 1979 Study; Control Systems Providing Energy Savings with single and multi-zone Hydronic Heating. 15% is the average energy savings and can only be achieved when installing an outdoor reset model, domestic hot water priority is off and the unit is installed as directed.

**Required for use when domestic hot water override is needed and a Zr terminal is not used or not present on the Aquastat for DHW demand. See complete application details in the technical literature available under Reference Materials - Train.